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Cebuanos love dimsum.  I grew up loving steamed rice, siomai, siopao and lumpia Shanghai. I am not alone. Apparently, this love affair between Cebuanos and dim sum started in 1969.  In 1969, man landed on the moon.  Filipina Gloria Diaz bagged Miss Universe that year. On that same year, Cebu was introduced to Hong Kong-style dim sum with the opening of Ding How.
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Many cities or countries in the world have that signature fried food that locals and tourists rave about. Cebu has its ngohiong, England has its Fish and Chips while Ilocos has its empanada.  When I went to Vigan, number 1 on my "to taste" list is definitely the Ilocos empanada.  When I arrived in the Ilocos Sur capital, I asked where can I eat the best Vigan empanada and they pointed me to CJ's Empanada.

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Slowly but surely a lot of Filipinos are buying and drinking wines.  Whether it is for personal consumption or as a gift, most wine buyers just go to the grocery to pick up a bottle or two.  There are many supermarkets now that have a good wine selection.   It is really convenient but I think there are still plenty of reasons why one should visit a wine shop.  Here are 3 wonderful reasons to check out your local wine shop the next time you will buy wine.

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It has been a while since I last went to other towns to check out new restaurants.  Most of the time, I am confined to Cebu City.  When Herbert Kikoy of driftstories.com told me about a new restaurant in Liloan that was looking for bloggers to sample their food, I immediately said Yes.  I did not regret my decision because Faro is a restaurant that you should check out in Liloan, Cebu.
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If you are the type of person who likes to eat the most unique desserts available then I would surely point you to Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro.  This restaurant in Norkis Cyberpark serves the best of modern Japanese cuisine and they are also know for their amazing desserts.  I recently made my friends try the Dew Droplet Cake and Dessert Ramen, and they really had fun eating and taking photos of the unique and irresistible desserts of Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro.
There has been a lot of new restaurants that has opened at Parkmall in the past couple of weeks.  One of the newest that really piqued my interest is Slate District in Parkmall.  After my first taste, this new restaurant has become one of my top places for baby back ribs and chicken wings.