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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Choobi Choobi lingaw lingaw kaon kaon

Kalami Cebu goes to Choobi Choobi
Kalami Cebu Gang: Carlo, Clyde, Nezte
Clyde Inso was celebrating his 25th birthday and we decided to try Choobi Choobi Restaurant.  Choobi Choobi is located at the Parkmall complex in North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City. It is a restaurant that specializes in seafood dishes and Filipino cuisine.

What we like:

We loved the Shrimp in the bag and Chilean mussels in the bag.  Choobi Choobi is really good with sauces.  We picked their signature Whaah! sauce for the shrimps while we had the milder cajun sauce for the tahong or mussels. They have 3 other options for the sauce: gata, garlic-butter, and sautéed garlic. A serving of the Shrimp the Bag is actually one pound of freshly cooked big shrimps. The serving sizes at Choobi Choobi are really adequate for hungry men and women.

We also had pancit because  it was Clyde's birthday. For meat, we ordered Crispy Pata.

What we did not like:

Nezte would love the sauce to be spicier although, for me and the birthday boy Clyde, the spice level is okay.  Instead of Crispy Pata, we wanted to order Lola Pepang's Fried Manok which really looked delectable in the menu but they did not have it that day.  We were a bit disappointed.

When we came to the restaurant, it rained and since Choobi Choobi has no windows, we almost got wet. That place there could be so windy during the typhoon season. There was even an incident last year when that area was hit by a tornado although I would say, it was a once in a decade incident.

It would also be nice of them to provide aprons since we are dealing with food with a lot of sauce. Nezte 's shirt had sauce because he was not careful when he was eating the Whaah! sauce-coated shrimps. 

Who will love this place:

Seafood Lovers. Shrimps. Mussels. Fish. Saang. They offer a wide range of yummy seafood offerings.

Pinoy Food Cravers.  Balikbayans would love it there as they also offer unique Filipino dishes like the fried manok, crispy pata, crispy adobong kanding and many more.

Who should avoid this place:

People allergic to seafood.  Their specialties are mostly seafoods which will be a health risk for people who have allergies to shrimps. There might be many interesting non-seafood offerings at Choobi Choobi but to fully enjoy a restaurant, you have to taste their specialties.

Fine dining types. This is not fine dining place. When we ate there, we enjoyed the food more when we ate with our hands. Kinamot or eating with your hands is the best way to enjoy the food at Choobi Choobi.

What Can I Recommend:

Definitely the shrimps.  Pick a sauce and go to shrimp heaven. A serving could be good for 2. Their unlimited rice is only 35 pesos.  If you are a rice lover, you are gonna have your fill.  The Crispy Pata was also good, but I am curious of the other dishes that weren't available at the time we visited.  We will probably go back there and try the other items.

Whaah! Sauce at Choobi Choobi Parkmall
Shrimp in a Bag with the Choobi Choobi Whaah! Sauce

Bucket Shrimps in Capitol Site is also a nice place to go for shrimps.  That place offers Shrimp in a bucket and you can also choose between cajun (their top seller), gata, and garlic butter as the sauce.

AA Barbecue, Chikaan, and Golden Cowrie.  Seafood offerings and Filipino Food.

Mang Inasal. Unlirice heaven with chicken inasal.

Lighthouse. Another kinamot place. 

Pancit Canton
Chilean Mussels at Clyde Inso's Birthday
Chilean Mussels
Crunchy Pork Skin of the Crispy Pata
Crispy Pata

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