Coffee and Breakfast at Yolk

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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I agree and breakfast is actually my favourite meal in a regular day.  One time, I was not able to eat my typical breakfast and ended up looking for a place to eat brunch.  Lo and behold, a new breakfast place had opened near our house. I did not expect much because the place is besides a popular men's massage place with an unusual name.

Upon entering Yolk, it felt really homey.  There was a sala inside and it really has a good vibe.  Yolk Coffee and Breakfast is quite narrow but the furniture and tables were well placed.  The interior decoration is planned and organised perfectly.

interior of Yolk Cebu

Freshly baked bread at Yolk Coffee and Breakfast

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They have fresh bread and pastries at the counter and for social media lovers, they got free wi-fi. The capacity of the place is for around 30 people. It is not really a big place and I like that way. The menu is all about breakfast and coffee Their menu's print is not very clear but based on what I can read, they have some many interesting breakfast items.  They have their version of egg Benedict, omelettes, and heavy breakfast sets.  I was not particularly hungry and being my first time there, I just decided to get Cebu Omelette and Piccolo Latte. 

Enjoying Piccolo Latte in Cebu City

They served the Piccolo Latte first. Piccolo latte is basically a baby latte which is perfect for me.  I am not a heavy drinker and having a piccolo latte enough to give a good caffeine boost throughout the day. Their serving looks good, but it could have been better with some latte art especially for the price that I am paying for it.

Omelette made with Cebu Chorizo
After I think a 10 minute, I was served with my Cebu Omelette. The wait was bit long because there was a big family in the other table and they ordered lots.  I did not mind so much because I had WiFi and time flies faster when you are trying to make an Instagram post and spend a great deal of time trying to choose the best filter for the photo.  Their wifi has pretty decent speed. My omelette looks good.  I picked this item because I find it interesting they put the word Cebu in this entree.

Carlo Olano at Yolk Cebu
The Verdict.  I enjoyed having breakfast there, well actually it was brunch.  The omelette is a winner. I can taste the sweetness of the local chorizo in my omelette.  I think I am going to somehow make Cebu chorizo omelette at home just like how they did it.  Normally, the chorizo is separate when I eat at home but eating at Yolk Coffee and Breakfast encouraged me to experiment. They made an omelette just the way I like it. It was not dry, it has tomatoes, and the flavours really worked out. It even has greens on the side. The coffee was great too.  The price is a bit expensive, but this place is a wonderful cafe to have a special breakfast with someone you love or when you want to celebrate. I would take my wife there one of these days and try out the breakfast offerings.

beautiful interior yolk coffee and breakfast

Who should go here? People who love breakfast any time of the day.  If you love eggs, they have interesting egg entrees. Coffee people should also try this place. Lastly, Instagrammers will be able to shoot many Instagram-worthy photos here. ;)

Tres Borces Street, Mabolo, Cebu, City

If you want to check out Yolk Coffee and Breakfast, the cafe is located in Tres Borces Street.  Coming from Ayala, you head towards Panagdait.  Upon crossing the J. Luna intersection, turn right at the first corner. Parking is limited in front of Yolk, but you may park in the Bread after Bread area or the Barbecue Boss Parking area.

Jeepney Info: Ride 4L from Ayala  going to SM then disembark at the J.Luna intersection.  Cross the street and the place is practically at the back of Barbecue Boss. 

From Mabolo area, you may ride 3A then go down at Tres Borces Street.