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It was a great year for food and food trips for Kalami Cebu.  It would not have been this awesome if not for all the Kalaminions who participated in my food trips.  As the first "Thank You" post to cap the year, Kalami Cebu would like to recognize all the people who are instrumental in joining me in this food blog journey.

Kalaminions of 2016

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"Winging is not everything! It's the only sure thing!"

There has been a lot of new  Chicken Wing Places in Cebu lately and I got invited to the opening Sure Thing Chicken Wing at F. Ramos Street.  It might not be my favorite part of the chicken but I also love to eat wings.  I checked out the wings at this place and I know what to order the next time I visit this restaurant.

Grilled Back Ribs, Byron's Back Ribs Grille, Byron's Back Ribs, Bacolod's Best Ribs, Best Ribs in Cebu, Ribs Restaurants in Cebu, Pork Ribs, Top Cebu Food Blog

Cebuano's love grilled pork ribs.  I have tried several restaurants who tried to claim to be Cebu's King of Ribs and yes, they are many. Here comes another challenger!  From the island of Negros comes Bacolod's Best Byron's Back Ribs Grille. The ribs champion from the land of Masskara attempts to conquer the land of Sinulog.  I tried their ribs and I am pretty sure they can make local Rib Masters a bit uncomfortable.

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Last week, a couple of Kalamionion friends checked out as new restaurant in the General Maxilom Avenue area called Canton King.  At first, I thought it was a "panciteria" or a noodle place and I was freakin' wrong.   Canton King actually serves some roast specialties combined with delicious Singaporean and Cantonese dishes. We really enjoyed sampling their offerings and I think Cebuanos should at least give this restaurant a try.

Sunburst Fried Chicken, Sunburst Ayala Terraces, Bastian Seno, fried chicken, Fried Chicken Skin,

One of my all-time favorite local fried chicken places is back in Ayala Center Cebu. Sunburst Fried Chicken has opened a branch at the Ayala Center Terraces after almost a year of absence.   If you are a big fan of their fried chicken, I am pretty sure that this news gives you a good reason to smile. I was there on their first day and I was glad to see that Sunburst Ayala Terraces was greeted with a full house at lunch time. 

Ikkousha Ramen, Ikkousha Ramen Cebu, Hakata Ramen, Tonkotsu, Best ramen places in Cebu, Ramen, Karaage, Special Tonkotsu Ramen, God Fire Ramen, Cebu Food Blogger

Ikkousha means "one happy place".  This new ramen shop is positioning itself to be the happy place for Cebuano Ramen lovers.  Ikkousha Ramen comes from Hakata, Japan. Hakata is the home of Tonkotsu, the legendary broth that made ramen a worldwide phenomenon.  At Ikkousha Ramen Cebu, you can expect the best and most authentic Tonkotsu Ramen in town.  

What is your favorite part of Lechon?

Christmas is synonymous to lechon in Cebu. During the Christmas season, you will probably eat lechon every day if you love going to Christmas parties here in the Queen City of the South.  I lived in Manila before and they do not eat as much lechon as an average Cebuano.  Since people living in Cebu eat so much lechon,  each one of us has a favorite part.  Here is my take on the most delicious parts of the lechon.

Rico's Lechon opens a new restaurant in Axis Entertainment Avenue

There are many amazing lechon brands in Cebu but I cannot find an owner as active and visible as Enrico "Rico" V. Dionson of Rico's Lechon.   The "masiador" turned lechon magnate has steered his lechon business into one of the most recognizable food brands in Cebu.  Rico's Lechon is set to dominate Cebu's vibrant lechon market in the years to come.