Pasig City, Philippines—May 26, 2020The current Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, highlighted the importance of how our immune system, the body’s ability to fight viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens can help us fight diseases. But what does it really do? And why is it important to keep your immune system functioning optimally amid the health crisis?


Ramil Lim, president of president of the South Cotabato Swine Producers Association (SOCOSPA)
In these challenging times, it is important that Cebu will have a steady supply of food, especially meat.  As pork prices have been increasing, the local meat shops can now breathe a sigh of relief as hog raisers of South Cotabato have resumed shipping pork to Cebu,

oyster bay seafood restaurant, best seafood restaurant mandaue

A lot of tourists come to Cebu to enjoy seafood and indeed, Cebu has a lot of excellent seafood restaurants.    One of the best is located in Mandaue City and it is called Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant.  I visited the place towards the end of the decade and  I had one of the best seafood meals in recent memory there.  This seafood restaurant should be on top of your list should you go hungry in Mandaue.

Corned Beef Meal at Nomad's Hub
 I spent a big chunk of my day today at one of my favorite co-working spaces in Cebu, Nomad's Hub. One thing I like about this place is that they serve affordable food. Today, I ordered their corned beef meal for dinner.

Stelliers' General Manager of the year 2019 Dalip Singh

12 December 2019, Hong Kong SAR, China – Mr. Dalip Singh, General Manager of Marco Polo Hotels – Hong Kong, was proud to take home the “General Manager of the Year” award, at the Stelliers Greater China 2019.
Bo’s Coffee, Give Love, Coffee, Bo’s Coffee Holiday Offers

The song "Give Love On Christmas Day" talks about trying to find a present that is better than anything you get from a store.  At Bo's Coffee, the holidays are all about "Give Love," as coffee lovers can find ways to show love for others in different forms and ways.  The Filipino-owned chain of coffee shops recently launched its holiday campaign, which urges people to spend time with loved ones over through get-togethers, celebrations over a sumptuous feast, and gift-giving. This is truly reflective with Bo's Coffee’s holiday offers, where you can show love and "Give Love" by gifting family members and loved ones with something special this season—like embracing them with the warmth of coffee.