Da-In Korean Restaurant Food Review

The Creative Cuisine Group is easily one of the most formidable restaurant groups in Cebu. Even in their catering business, they are known to be focused on the upper-middle-class market.  So when they opened this new restaurant concept called Da-In Korean Restaurant, I expected a lot of attention to detail.  Indeed, this restaurant is a must-try among Korean barbecue lovers who are more concerned with quality than quantity.
D'Bunnychon, Cebu's First Rabbit Restaurant

Rabbits are such cute pets making it difficult for most of us to cook or eat such beautiful animals.  But, there is a new restaurant in The Market by Sugbo Mercado that is hoping to convince us that we consider eating rabbit meat.  I had dinner at D'Bunnychon last week and I am somehow convinced that we should give rabbit meat a chance.
Daniel Cabrera graduates Elementary with the the help of Ronald McDonald House Charities

CEBU, Philippines— In 2015, Daniel Cabrera was known all over the world as the little boy studying on the pavement under a faint light coming from a McDonald’s restaurant.
Carlo Olano of Kalami Cebu enjoying Samgyeopsal at Barangay Seoul
For me, Korean BBQ Places are among the "healthiest" All-You-Can restaurants out there.   All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants makes you binge; but, with Korean Barbecues, you also get to eat a good amount of vegetables. I recently dined at the newly-opened Barangay Seoul and as expected, had a grand time eating their unlimited samgyeopsal and other Korean specialties.  I even got to do a Samyang Special Noodle Challenge.

Beef Pares in Makati City, Philippines
The Philippines has a lot of amazing street food that tourists must try.  These street foods are not heavily marketed but locals love it.  One great example is the beef pares in the streets of Metro Manila.  Every time I go to Manila, I make sure that I will have a beef pares for breakfast and you should too. 

Carlo Olano of Kalami Cebu meets the Squat Burger at Stoke Burgers
Who does not love burgers?  One night, I suddenly had a burger craving and I end up traveling to Mambaling to eat at the newly-opened Stoked Burgers.  I tried out their Squat Burger and it gave me one of my best burger experiences in recent months.