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Testing bloggeroid

This is going to be my first post using the bloggeroid app downloaded from the play store. If this look good then I'll be using the app as my main blog editor while using my xperia z1. I really had fun today eating nangka at Conching's carenderia at the reclamation area. The place specializes in local dishes. Humbang nangka has always been one of my favorites since the days I lived in Bohol. Eating it in Conching's brought fond memories of my childhood. I remember the days when my dad brought a redder version of this one from Manang Pingping. It had a much reddish color due to the added achuete. I really enjoyed my lunch today. It was simple but very memorable. "The food that we normally take for granted is usually the one that we miss most." posted from Bloggeroid

March 19, 2014: The start of the Kalami Cebu blog!

This blog is all about food that you can find in Cebu.  The usual suspects. The good ones. The strange ones. This blog will try to have it all. We eat everyday and a lot of people love food. As the age of Instagram and mobile photography dawn, this site will feature a lot of #foodporn and #happytummy posts. Kalami Cebu will feature local dishes, restaurants, and events that relates to food. The aim of this blog is to help people discover the different wonders of the Cebu gastronomic world. This will not be limited to local cuisine because Cebu is a melting pot of cultures in its own ways. The Kalami Cebu team will start posting interesting articles about its food adventures.  Kalami Cebu is also open to suggestions on interesting things that should be on this blog. Today is the first day of one long and awesome journey of discovery.