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Giant Pizza from Calda Pizza

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine celebrate his birthday.  He rented a big house with a pool and invited all of his friends.  Since I am driving an AUV, he asked me to buy one of those giant pizzas from Calda Pizza. Calda Pizza is one of the very few pizza places that offer giant sized pizza.  There largest size has a diameter of 36 inches. The next biggest is 30 inches. I was scared that the biggest size would not fit my car so I ordered one 30 incher and one 20 inch pizza. Calda Pizza  has several branches in Cebu and they can deliver the gigantic pizzas right at your doorstep. Related articles Cebuano Food of the Day: Magic by JCA Pizza My Pick + Mix Experience at Pizza Republic Carbo-Loading at Ryan's Pizzarelli House The New Da Vinci's Famous White Sauce Pizzas Going Italian at La Buona Forchetta da Paolo Pizza in Cebu: Quattro Formaggi for Take-Out at La Bella Pizza Bistro