Chocolate overload at The Chocolate Chamber

A few weeks back, I checked out The Chocolate Chamber (TCC) in President Quirino Street in Kasambagan. The place is all about chocolates. If you love chocolates, you should try to visit TCC.  TCC is basically a dessert or afternoon tea place. It offers cakes, cookies, chocolates, puto, scones, and sandwiches.  The star of the restaurant is their wide choice of hot chocolate concoctions.  The hot chocolate is infused with different ingredients, making each drink unique to a certain extent.

What I Like:

The place is cold. I guess the chocolates need the right temperature in order to preserve its quality. TCC did not compromise this detail.  It is obvious that the owners make sure that they have the attention to detail to justify the prices of their goods.  For people who are sensitive to low temperatures, TCC provides shoals for them.

The place reminds of Chris Brown's hit "Fine China".  The cups and saucers in TCC are fine china. They even ask you what color you want your cup to be.  Like, do you want your cup to be red, gold, or any other color that is available. I picked gold. It is like an #igers dream place. It's a place where #foodporn can be conceptualized. You better bring a nice cam or a cool smartphone there.  The place is really Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest-worthy.

What I do not Like:

While the water glass looks expensive and nice, it is very small for a shop that offer super sweet stuff. I think I must have gotten around 10 refills. I made the miscalculation of ordering the chili-infused hot chocolate, which made me want more water.

While I love the quality of the place, I will just say that I have a Tinnie Winnie issue with the price.  The place is pricey but it would be nice that they can be more affordable so that more people can enjoy the place. Come to think of it, there are so many coffee shops offering coffee at almost the same price, that is why my issue is just Tinnie Winnie. You can't have it all, right?

Who will LOVE this place:

Bloggers and Instagrammers would love The Chocolate Chamber. I guess many people between the age of 15-21 would love this place.... if they can afford eating there.  It is the kind of place that they have to go at least once so that they can create an interesting post

The Sweet Tooth. If you love sweets like ants, you should head to TCC. You can enjoy a rich hot chocolate paired with a decadent chocolate cake, then cap it off with praline and cookies. Wow, those baby worms will have the time of their lives as well j/k.  This is a place where the sweet tooth can indulge and have a glimpse of the paradise that they dream of.

Who should avoid this place:

People with heart issues I guess.  There is a risk of overload and it could lead to some serious stuff. While there are studies suggesting long-term benefits of heavy chocolate consumption to heart health, those studies did not mean to consume an ultra high level in one sitting.

People on a diet.  A meal here is like cheat day times 10.  The food at TCC is super high-calorie, super sweet and super heavy. If you are on a diet, better stay off this place.

People with tooth problems. Sweets + tooth cavities = early dentist appointment the next day.

What I can Recommend:

Hot Chocolate.  Do not just sip it like it is the typical "sikwate" at home. Try to enjoy it. You have to since a cup costs a half day wage of a minimum wage earner. Look at it. Smell it. Take a little sip and let the taste and aroma linger in your mouth.  Try the different flavors and infusions. Match it with food. Take photos. Upload it. Make your 150 bucks count.

Afternoon Tea. If you come at 3:21pm to 5:21, you can order the chocolate high tea.  It costs 550 pesos ($13) and it includes scones, pralines, marmalade, sandwich, salad, and a cup of hot chocolate. You can even imagine that you are in England having tea with royalty.  Dress up and do not forget to post those lovely pics.

It is time to visit the place and tell me what you think. ;)

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