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Seafood Restaurants in Cebu: Solving my seafood craving at Parr't Ebelle

One day, I had this craving to eat some fish like tinola (soup) or sinugba (grilled). There are quite many possibilities for that here in Cebu.  There are even several restaurants in the mall that offer these kinds of dishes.  But this day, I would really like to eat something different and something special.  So, I ask some people where is the best place to eat tinola or sinugba.  A couple of my gym buddies told me that I should try Parr't Ebelle because they consider the restaurant as one of the best seafood restaurants in Cebu. I asked some taxi drivers and they point me to that place as well.  

Pizza Invention time at Pizza Republic by Giuseppe Genco

Pizza Republic by Guissepe Genco opened recently in Salinas Drive, Lahug.  What is so unique about this new pizza place is that you will be able to design your own pizza.  They have countless of toppings to choose from and the possibilities are infinite.