Buy One Take One Pasta on Mondays at Dong Juan

Recently, I dropped by the Dong Juan branch at the Ridges at F. Cabahug Street.   I was alone and I supposed to have a light snack but ended up getting curious about their pasta promo.  Every Monday, pasta is buy one take one. Since I was ordering pasta anyway, I ended ordering two since the other one is free.

I got the Gambas Pasta and the Spanish Chorizo Pasta for less than 200 pesos. Talking about carbo-loading .  The other pasta choices are the Linguini meatballs, salami ham, chorizo pasta, Pacific pasta, and Linguini carbonara . With their promo, you are only going to pay for the more expensive pasta while the other one is free.

If you love shrimps , the Gambas Pasta is perfect for you.  The pasta entree has shrimps and pasta cooked with a  generous dose of spiciness.  The dish is topped with bonito shavings which gives you the impression that the your food is constantly moving.  The  salty flavor of the shavings though complement well with the spicy pasta.  The Gambas pasta reminds me of gambas and takoyaki. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

My other pasta dish was the Spanish Chorizo pasta which was by contrast sweet. It has black olives and it is really way mild compared to my other order. A bit of saltiness is provided by the grated parmesan cheese.

Believe it or not, I was able to finish both orders. I wished that I had company because I felt stuffed.  Pasta is heavy and one order at Dong Juan is enough for person. I would definitely go back there some other time to try out the other pasta offerings and I will make sure to bring some company.

This promo is only for Mondays at the Ridges branch.  I do not know if other branches have a simiar deal.  If you love pasta, have pasta on a Monday at Dong Juan.
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