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Ribpublic Diner Cebu
Two days ago, Angela Madura, one of my food and fitness buddies, asked me if I know where Ribpublic Diner is. The 17-year-old girl has a list of places she wants to eat at.  I can only answer that it is somewhere in Capitol Site. I really don't know where Ribpublic is and my only clue is that one of my Swarm friends have checked in there.  

Past dinner time, my wife asked me to pick her up at her classmate's apartment in Capitol Site. I went there a bit early and they were not finished yet in preparing for their class presentation. I drove around to look for a nice place to park or hang out. I felt a weird urge to turn at the Governor M. Roa Street near Cebu Doctor's Hospital. As I traversed the small road, I found an eatery at the left side and lo and behold, it was the Ribpublic Diner.

I drove past it and texted Stephie if they were finished already. She said "Not Yet!".  I took it as a sign to go there. I have to eat ribs and it will be my second dinner even though I promised myself in my fitness blog to minimize my rice intake and not to eat too much during dinner time. I have to break some promises because it was destiny that brought me to the Ribpublic Diner.

I was alone and I ate my first dinner already so I only have room for one dish. The choice was obvious, I have to taste The Ribpublic. The specialty of the house costs 188 pesos only. That's on the cheap side if we compare it to other restaurants in Cebu. The order included rice and some corn kernels. 

One thing I like about the place is that the waiting time for the Ribpublic was a tad short.  I think I had my ribs in just 5 minutes. The service was fast and the crew was very alert even if it was around 9 pm and the diner was packed with customers. The Ribpublic was big enough for an average joe and an average jane would probably need some help to finish it.  The barbecue sauce was excellent and the attendant even gave me some extra sauce.  I really enjoyed the meal so much that I was able to clean my plate up.  All was left with my meal were clean pieces of ribs.

To finish my meal, I downed a bottle of Mirinda which was just 13 pesos. The tummy filling meal just cost me 201 pesos (around $5). Not bad! I checked out their menu and there was a handful of pretty interesting entrees. If I have company, I would have ordered Wild West Wings. The Space Shrimps could be good option for seafood lovers, I wonder how it would stack up with Bucket Shrimps and Choobi-Choobi which are just in the area. For pasta lovers, they have the Ultimate lasagna which reminds me of Greenwich Lasagna.  They also have tacos, fish and chips, and fries.

I ordered their black sambo for takeout and Stephie loved it when we got home.  I am very satisfied with Ribpublic Diner on my first visit and I would be back with some friends. I would ask them how The Ribpublic stack in their personal rib rankings.

Do check it out, it is one of those new restaurants that have the potential to succeed. In due time, they will probably need to expand their place to accommodate more rib-loving Cebuanos. Who knows, in a few years time they will conquer the country and turn it into the Philippine Ribpublic. ;)
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