Having Congee at Phat Pho

I have been feeling under the weather the past week and I have been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  I do not know how I got sick but one of the fastest paths to recovery is through food. Food is medicine and it's a fact. Eating the right food will help the body heal itself. When you have IBS, you are usually told to avoid oily food, dairy, chocolate, and gaseous food like camote and beans. You are also advised to eat lots of fruits and food rich in fiber.  It is also good to drink lots of fluid to prevent dehydration.  When I have IBS, I usually eat congee or lugaw in local language. I usually prefer arroz caldo or pospas over lugaw.  Pospas is basically chicken congee with lots of ginger.

Even if I fell sick, life must go on. I still have to go to the office at Robinsons Cybergate and check on my sales agents. I asked people from the office if they know a place that has pospas.  The normal answer would be Chowking but Chowking has stopped serving that for quite a while already.  I went down to the ground floor of Cybergate to buy medicines at Rose Pharmacy and to check our exhibit near Bo's Coffee. It was past 1 pm when I was done, I decided to find a place to eat. Phat Pho's wall ad caught attention and realized that they offer congee - Pork, Chicken, or Beef at 150 for Regular and 210 for Large.  I decided to eat there. 

I got a nice spot and told the waitress to give me a large order of Chicken Congee. I really felt hungry and I needed lots of nourishment so I have to go large. When the order came, it was huge. It could be an adequate snack for 2 people. The chicken congee came with condiments like pepper, garlic sauce, and lemon. The presentation is nice and the congee really looks good that I spent around 5 minutes taking photos of it. 

The congee was a bit bland which was expected.  I added pepper and lemon juice, and then put some of their very delicious fish sauce or patis. The chicken was tender and I was really enjoying my meal.  My only beef i guess was their congee have peanuts.  I would not complain if it were another day but when you are trying to recover from IBS or LBM, nuts are a big no-no. Nevertheless, I finished it all.

All in all, it was a wonderful and refreshing meal.  My congee craving was satisfied and I felt my strength was replenished.  It was a bit expensive but it was well worth it. 

Phat Pho has many other delicious dishes and I will surely try it in the coming days. I love their pho but I am more curious of their afternoon promo meal. For 195 pesos, you can get choose two among Egg rolls, Fish cakes, fish sauce wings, and Vietnamese meatballs plus rice and Pho broth. 

How about you? Have you eaten at Phat Pho??

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