Ribpublic Diner Part II: The Group Meal

After my first visit at the Ribpublic Diner, I promised to go back to this place with some company.  True to my promise I brought company and it was not just one or to but the whole gang.  The seven of us a good mix of professionals and students.

If you do not know where the restaurant is, it is located at Governor M. Roa Street.  Governor M. Roa street is the back street of Cebu Doctor's Hospital.  Coming from Fuente Osmena circle, you walk or drive towards the capitol.  You turn right at the corner of Coco Mall (Red Ribbon) which is the 2nd traffic light coming from Fuente. After a making a right, make another right.  Drive or Walk around 50 meters and you will see The Ribpublic Diner at the right side.  You may park at the street but it is usually full.  Good thing, there is a paid parking area adjacent to the diner.

What to order? The nice thing about this place is that they would not confuse customers by having too many choices.  They know how to play with their strengths. They have one pork dish, one chicken dish, one pasta, one shrimp, one fish, one dessert, and one snack entry. The choice will just go down to what type of meat or meal would you like to eat. As promised we ordered almost the whole spectrum of Ripbulic specialities. 
You cannot eat at Ribpublic Diner without getting "The Ripbulic".  After all, the place is named after this rib specialty.  At 188 pesos, it is SULIT.  The serving is generous, the meat is tender, and the sauce is appetizing. 

The Wild West Wings was mouthwatering as well but it could have used more spiciness because my companions like Nezte, would want their hot wings at least a notch or two higher in the Scoville scale

The Ultimate Lasagna was cheesy and pasta lovers would most likely be happy with it.

The space shrimp was sweet and garlicky.  I loved the freshness of the shrimps that they use. I love this shrimp dish in combination with my ribs.  It was my Ribpublic version of Surf and Turf.

The group was really happy with our meal and we look forward to more gastronomic adventures together. 
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