Are you thinking of a good meal to treat yourself for a job well done? One meal that I can suggest is the Spanish Iberico Tonkatsu at Tonkatsu by Terazawa. This Tonkatsu is made with the famous Spanish "Pata Negra".  The Iberian pigs are dubbed by Spanish doctors as walking olive trees owing to its high levels of unsaturated fats.  The meat of Iberico pigs is also known for its excellent marbling which translates to enhanced flavors and enjoyable dining experience which makes them one of the favorite meats used in Tonkatsu restaurants worldwide.  A Tonkatsu serving at Tonkatsu by Terazawa is quite big and it is more than enough for someone with an average appetite. 

Braddex Steam Rice Cebu
Cebu is like the dimsum capital of the Philippines.  Cebuanos were lucky to have the Ding Qua Qua (Kokseng) Group which introduced them to the wonderful world of dimsum.  I was introduced to dimsum way back in my elementary days at the old Ding Qua Qua in now what is known as Mango Square.

One of the nicest looking cafes in Cebu is Dolce.  Dolce is located in Nivel Hills and it offers a lot of yummy creations that can satisfy any sweet tooth.  It is hard to miss the place, you will pass by Dolce when you are going to Marco Polo Plaza hotel.  It is in the left side when you are coming from the city.

Dolce which means sweet in Italian is basically a boutique cafe that boasts of an impressive building structure and elegant interiors.  The place serves coffee, tea, and desserts.

They offer their cake in slices or as a mini-cake version.

Protein they say is what feeds our muscles.  For people who workout, a good place to "heal" those sore muscles is Tex Rex Barbecue. This is a perfect for people who have T-Rex-like appetite for barbecue. We came there as a trio and because we were eager to try as many barbecue specialties of Tex Rex, we decided to get a Dino plate.  It's a pretty big plate that is good for someone who wants to devour meat like a dinosaur.

tex rex bbq side dish
Dino Plate - smoked beef brisket, pork ribs, and chicken
The dino plate has smoked beef brisket, pork ribs, and chicken. The serving size is actually good for 3 to 4 people.  It was prized at 690 pesos only.
Juliet Margate and Mark Nezte Virtudazo USC
I was with Nezte and Juliet who were really eager to eat some delicious barbecue. We are able to finish it all.  We ordered some extra rice and mashed potato to complete a super filling meal.
Dino Plate
Tex Rex Mash Potato
bbq beef brisket in Tex rex cebu smoky
If you love meat, you should try this place. Their barbecue smells good and it is really smoky and different from the typical barbecue served in restaurants in here in Cebu.

Tex Rex BBQ is located at A.S. Fortuna Street in between AA Barbecue and Oakridge.  It is in the same side of the road as Oakridge.
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I am not really a pasta guy but I have a lot of friends who loves it so much.  I love to eat pasta when I want to carbo-load specially when I am going fun runs or I suddenly get the motivation to lose weight. One best places for pasta is Idea Italia.  At Idea Italia, you have so many choices. From tomato based pasta to white sauce to olive oil, they have seem to have it all.  The owner is Italian and nobody knows better about pasta than the Italians.  Idea Italia is owned by the people behind the famous La Tegola Restaurants. Idea Italia also serves pizza, soup, salad, sandwiches, and many more. If you happen to crave for pasta and other Italian specialities, just head to the 4th level of the new wing of Ayala Center Cebu and let your palate travel to Italy even for just one meal. Felice Mangiare!!!!

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Koa Tree House is known here in Cebu is a good place for music and to chill but this place serves some very delicious meals.   A lot of their specialties could double as a pulutan but I also enjoy for lunch.

A few months back, I had lunch there with some my Fitness First buddies and we really enjoyed it.  We do not eat much rice and Koa tree house has wonderful options for protein. We ordered sisig, pochero, and crispy shrimps.

The sisig was crispy and I know it would have tasted better with a bottle Red Horse. The soup was a perfect meal after strength training. What I enjoyed the most in that meal was the shrimps. It was crunchy and I could probably finish an order all by myself.

All in all, the three of us were able to finish a meal of pochero + 2 servings of sisig and shrimps. The price was alright and it was worth it. I having lunch there but I think Koa Tree House becomes ten times better at night. ;)

Koa Tree House is located at Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City. It is just a few meters away from the Escario-Gorordo intersection. Jeepney routes that pass by : 4C, 4B, 4L, 4M, 4A, 4I
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I love Roti. I really enjoy having Roti in Banana Leaf.  Banana Leaf is a restaurant specialising in Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian, and Singaporean cuisine.  The restaurant serves very delicious dishes but one of my favourites is their Roti. Roti is basically an unleavened bread and it originated in India. It goes so well with Curry sauce and I could probably eat several pieces of roti with a single bowl of spicy curry sauce.  At Banana Leaf, they have several kinds of roti and I usually get Roti Canai or the one with chili inside.  When you go to Banana Leaf in Ayala Terraces, do not forget to order some roti. ;)

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