Eating a Rice Burger at Hans Rice Burger

One time, I was pretty bored and I was looking for a place to eat in the Parkmall area.  The choices are many.  Actually to me that sometimes I lose appetite then I saw this new place named Hans Rice Burger. Rice Burger? What in the world is that? My curiosity got a hold me and I decided to check the new place.

A rice burger is basically made of 2 rice patties instead of bread.  Hans Rice Burger has a unique flavor profile as it selling Rice Burgers with spam, kimchi, meat, eat, and other interesting combinations as the "burger".  The rice burgers are quiet affordable.

They have so many choices at Hans Burger that sometimes first timers get overwhelmed.  To aid you, you have to decide wether you want Filipino, Korean or Special Combination. Filipino choices include Longanisa, Tocino, Tapa, Corned Beef, and Sisig while the Korean choices include spam, Kimchi, spam tuna, kimchi tuna, spicy pork or chicken and sweet pork or chicken.

The cheapest rice burger is the spam burger and the kimchi burger which is priced 60 pesos. I decided to get a special combination of spam kimchi tuna mayo because I got 100 pesos and I wanna know what 100 pesos can buy in this new "burger" joint.

Spam Kimchi Tuna Mayo Rice Burger
My Spam Kimci Tuna Mayo Rice Burger
My rice burger looked like a cup rice topped with Spam, Kimchi, and Tuna Mayo then topped with another cup of rice.  At first, I was skeptical if it would taste good or it will cause a massive bout of upset stomach. I tried to eat it like a burger but I was afraid that I will make a big mess because I am kind of a messy eater. Good thing, they provide some fork and plate to make it easier it.

I enjoyed it. It all worked out.  The spiciness of the Kimchi made it so flavourful.  The texture is great as well. I want to go back there some other time to try out other unique combinations.
You got to press it to prevent it from breaking up

All in all, I was happy how I spent my 100 pesos there.  It was a filling lunch that was a good alternative to having a cheeseburger value meal in one of the popular fast foods in Cebu. You better try it out and tell me what you think?

Hans Rice Burger is located in Parkmall fronting City Times Square in Mandaue City.
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