Pasta overload at Idea Italia

I am not really a pasta guy but I have a lot of friends who loves it so much.  I love to eat pasta when I want to carbo-load specially when I am going fun runs or I suddenly get the motivation to lose weight. One best places for pasta is Idea Italia.  At Idea Italia, you have so many choices. From tomato based pasta to white sauce to olive oil, they have seem to have it all.  The owner is Italian and nobody knows better about pasta than the Italians.  Idea Italia is owned by the people behind the famous La Tegola Restaurants. Idea Italia also serves pizza, soup, salad, sandwiches, and many more. If you happen to crave for pasta and other Italian specialities, just head to the 4th level of the new wing of Ayala Center Cebu and let your palate travel to Italy even for just one meal. Felice Mangiare!!!!

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