Cafes in Cebu: Cakes + Pastry + Coffee at Treats Street Cafe

I was asking people around over about cafes in Cebu.  Someone suggested Treat Street Cafe in the New Wing of Ayala Center Cebu.  The suggestion made me realize that I have not really explored the food choices in the mall that I go to everyday. 

Last Sunday, I checked out the new Group Exercise Programs of Gold's Gym Ayala Center Cebu and I was starving after almost 3 hours of cardio exercises.  It was a perfect time to go to this place.  When I saw the stall, I was like saying to myself, "Thank God I worked out. Now, I can eat all these carb rich offerings".

What do they have?  Well, Treat Street Cafe is all about cakes, coffee, and pastries. Cake lovers will surely enjoy this place and I was able to taste a few of their specialties that day.

Treats Street Cafe's Tea-flavored cake
I am not really a big fan of green tea cakes but my friend ordered it because she was like trying to pick a healthier alternative.  How did it go? Typical to anything flavoured with green tea,  this cake smells really pleasant but it tastes like an minimally-sweetened great tea drink made into a cake. I still prefer my matcha green tea in a cup and not as a cake. I think a lot of people will love this cake but the green tea black sesame cake is just not my cup of tea (no pun intended). ;)

We also had coffee and it tastes really good and the price is alright. Illy Coffee is really delicious and the latte art skills of their attendants at Treat Street Cafe is pretty decent. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate walnut pie. I love nuts so I really love the texture of this pie. The softness and creaminess of the chocolate goes so well with the crunchiness of the walnuts and the pastry. 

I ordered for myself the spicy lechon pie. I love meat pies and spicy lechon.  I expect a lot from this creation. Well, it was just alright. I love the pastry, it taste good but the inside was cold.  I do not know if the filling should be cold but for a meat filling I want it in higher temperatures. I liked the spiciness of the "lechon" stuffing but I rarely eat ice cold lechon. I would ask them next time if the pie was supposed to be that cold. 

Overall, it is a good cafe but it is Ayala and there are so many options in this mall. I would probably have coffee here but I would not order those meat pies until I am sure that it is supposed to be ice cold and if they say yes, I would definitely ask why?


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