Cebu Cafes: Camia Street Cafe and Resto

A few days ago, I had a relative who got confined at the Cebu Doctor's University Hospital.   It is really hard to find a good parking spot in the area and I usually ended up parking a few blocks away from the hospital.

One day, I ended up parking near Captain A's Restaurant and I saw a nice looking building that looks like one of those cafes that are popping up around Metro Cebu. I told myself that I am going to have dinner there.

When I went back, I thought it was your typical dessert place that serves coffee and a variety of sweet offerings. Good thing, they also serve rice meals. What was most interesting was that they serve Ostrich meat . I made my orders and proceeded upstairs.

The dining area really looks good.  The designs are slick and the colors are really pleasant to the eye.  There are also several colorful paintings hanging on the walls.

Camia Street Cafe and Resto has good potential as a study place.  The place is quiet and there were a few students who were studying or making a project there.  Camia Street Cafe also has Wi-fi, but it is not that dependable if you are planning to make reports there. You better bring your own if you need a decent internet connection.

For my drink, I ordered an Iced Dulce de Leche , which was their specialty drink.  I really love licking the Dulce de Leche, it's like dessert in a drink.  The sweet tooth will surely like this.

For my main course, I got the Ostrich in Mushroom with White Wine Sauce.  When it came, it looked like beef steak or a sautéed beef dish. I expected Ostrich to look more like chicken meat, but I was wrong.  The taste... it definitely tastes like beef but definitely it is leaner and  bit gamey.  I loved it.  It is a bit expensive; it is priced above 200 pesos.

To cap my meal, I had a yema cake. Yema is a sweet Filipino delicacy that is made of eggs and condensed milk. It is one of my favourites since my elementary days. I expected a very sweet cake, but I was wrong again.  The cake was very delicious.  In fact, it is one of the best sponge cakes that I ever had.  I wouldn't call it a yema cake though, as I could barely taste yema in the dessert. Maybe I was expecting too much; but, I really like the cake. I would order it whenever I go back to Camia Street Cafe and Resto. ;)

All in all, I had a great dinner at Camia Street Cafe.  It is always fun to try things for the first time.  It was my first time to eat Ostrich and I will not hesitate to order Ostrich meat in some other restaurant. The cake was a revelation, despite the absence of  yema and the dulce de leche coffee is somewhat unique to this place. This cafe is a nice place to spend a lazy afternoon reading a good book.  If you can find a good parking spot in the area, I surely recommend this cafe.


  1. I hope you can also add the addresses and contact numbers of the restos you have reviewed. We'll be there two weeks from now, but will be staying at Mactan Island. Hope it's near it. Joy of

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  2. Ok Joy! I hope you enjoy your stay in Mactan then. This particular cafe is located Don Jose Avila St., Capitol Site, Cebu City.

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  3. I haven't been to this cafe/resto but I have a good feeling that this yema cake tastes great!.. i will definitely drop by in my next trip to cebu.. see u in March..

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    1. Let me know if ever you are in Cebu and maybe we can have mini-foodtrip ;)


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