Cebu Cafes: Productive meetings at Sprocketeer @ Baseline Residences

One fine day last year, my sales team was looking for a place for a meeting. We ended up in Baseline Residences since we went to the Redemptorist Church before our meeting.  At Baseline, our choice was between Bo's Coffee and this other cafe called Sprocketeer. Bo's was a bit crowded then so I decided we just check the other place out.

I was very happy with my decision.  Sprocketeer is one very colorful cafe. I love its design and I am quite comfortable staying in this small cafe for hours.  They serve cakes, milktea, coffee, sandwiches, and even pizza at reasonable prices.  One of the best features of Sprocketeer is its fast wifi connection.  The group managed to design websites and also talk about business while enjoying delicious food in our close to 3-hour meeting.

I really like staying at this cafe because it is close to the office and it is not so noisy.  This cafe is great place for making articles, studying, and even as a change of pace cafe during hectic days.  Check out the Sprocketeer at Baseline Residences.
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  1. It's quieter because the service is poor with the staff being nice but dim. Overpriced for what it is as the food looks good but tasted bland. Never again.

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