Cebu Korean Cafe Invasion: Cafe Namoo

Cafe Namoo City Times Square
Korean cafes have been popping up in Cebu and it seems to me that they are here to stay for a while. The concepts are so creative and some cafes really look so cute that they become the favorite hangout place to young people.  Many people actually go to these cafes for the #selfie potential more than its coffee.  
Korean Cafe in Cebu Cafe Namoo
One of the cutest ones that we've been to is Cafe Namoo in City Times Square Mandaue.  This branch is actually their second branch but I prefer this to the other branch because of its accessibility and parking.  You really can't help but appreciate the treehouse theme of the cafe and the post-its that fill every nook and cranny of each compartment.
CDU student at Cafe Namoo
Cafe Namoo is good place to study or just simply have a relaxing read.  You can relax while sitting on the floor and hugging a bean bag. Each compartment has its own socket which is very convenient for students who are cramming or making a school project.  It is also a relaxing place for meeting and reports for some sales teams.
Best Cafes near Cebu Doctor's University
Cafe Namoo also serves a wide variety of hot or cold beverages.  They also have food to somehow give you energy for animated conversations or serious study time.

Korean cafes have been a big hit for students and even young professionals. The competition is quite stiff in this segment but Cafe Namoo has somehow found a way to stand out due to its proximity to a major university and commercial areas.
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