Crepes and Pies for Dinner at Tymad Bistro

Savoury Crepes at Tymad Bistro
Can you imagine eating crepes and pies for dinner? Not as dessert but we are talking about these "dessert" items as main courses. Well, this French Bistro in Maria Luisa Road has somehow surprised me. Tymad Bistro which means Good House in Celtic is a French-owned restaurant that prides itself on making the best crepes and galettes in Cebu.  Crepes are the typical desert pancakes that we are all used to while a galette is its savory sister that mainly use buckwheat.  The galettes are filled with ingredients used more in sandwiches than in crepes like ham, mushrooms, egg, cheese, ratatouille, or any other protein.

Since I love to taste new things, I made sure that we get a galette when I first ate here. The galette comes in several combinations with some unique names like Ham, Vegetarian (Egg, ratatouille), Farmer (Chicken, Mushroom, béchamel), Rustique (Tomatoes, Carabao Cheese, smoked pork loin, basil), Tymad (Burger, ham, egg, cheese, tomato sauce, mushroom) and many more.  There are so many choices and you will never go wrong any of them. Price range is from 190 to 380 per order.

Enjoying Quiche Lorraine in Cebu
To make our dinner more "unusual", we also had a Quiche Lorraine as a second dish. A Quiche is a savory pie crust filled with meat and cheese.  The Quiche Lorraine is a bacon and cheese pie served with a side salad at 190 pesos.

Interior of Tymad Bistro
Tymad Bistro also serves croissants, omelets and other egg creations, salads, and desserts.

Tymad Bistro, Maria Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City
Tymad is one of the nicest looking restaurants in Cebu. The walls are decorated with abstract paintings and between the walls and the couch are several books written in French.
The place for the best crepes and galettes in Cebu
My meal at Tymad was indeed memorable. It was a gastronomic learning experience about french cuisine and the different possibilities when it comes to cooking.  I always enjoy places where I can partake on interesting and delicious culinary creations for the first time. Will I come back to Tymad? Definitely! This is a fine place where I can take good friends for some intellectual conversation and also, should one day I will crave for crepes or galettes, I know where to go. ;)

Tymad Bistro is located at Maria Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City.  Its contact number is (032) 239-73-85 Website:

Tymad Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. My daughter and I love crepes! Thanks for sharing this little haven Will visit this one day.

  2. Oh wow I would love to try the galette! I don't think we have those here in Manila. Hope they build a branch here. :)

  3. In a matter that I will visit Cebu, I will definitely try almost everything on their menu list.

  4. I love crepe making with different toppings because it's one of our menu before when I was working abroad. Crepes and pizzas are all time favorites.

  5. Salivating! Drooling! I super love CREPES---- soon I will visit Cebu again, I am going to visit this place. Thanks for this info.

  6. This post made me hungry. I am not really into crepes and pies but your article made me wanna eat some right now.

  7. Kalami kaayo! Yummy as it seen in this photos... what more if I will try some of it.

  8. They do have a unique menu which would give you a savory delight. They also have nice ambiance and a really refreshing backdrop.

  9. Dessert as main course is unusual but it looks delectable! But I think it's too expensive though. :)

  10. I have no idea what these foods are but I would say they look delectable. And knowing that they are normally served as dessert yet you did have them as the main course makes me wanna try it too.

  11. wow, I love the food presentations! I will surely check this place in my next Cebu trip :)

  12. I wanna go to cebu! Will definitely check this place out when I'm there

  13. First time ko marinig ito. Seems a delicious dessert to try. Gora na me sa Cebu..

  14. To answer your question, yes I can imagine eating crepes and pies for dinner. :) They do have savory versions. The presentation of the crepe and pie are beautiful, makes me want to try them!

  15. their ambiance looks cool. suiting sya sa mata esp the paintings. unique din ang idea nila to serve crepes as their main course

  16. I love crepes. Do they have good coffee too? Because coffee and crepes make a good pairing.


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