Dessert Places: Enjoying the Variety at La Marea

If you ask Cebuanos, what is their favourite dessert shop? Many will consider La Marea is the home of the best desserts in Cebu.  One of the famous creations by La Marea is the Warm Brownie Cup.  A few days ago, I had dinner at Alejandro's at Crossroads.  After a filling meal of the house specialty Crispy Pata, my companions wanted to have a dessert. We decided to go to La Marea because it was just a few steps away.  We then ordered some of their best dessert creations.

The classic blueberry cheesecake was expectedly good.  The slice is quite generous and it was oozing  with blueberry toppings. 

This the famous warm brownie cup.  This La Marea's signature dessert.  The warm brownie cup was such a big hit that other cafes even get from La Marea just to offer this enjoyable treat. This dessert will bring joy to kids and adults. If it is your first time at La Marea, do not forget to order this. 

The classic version of the dessert is  made of warm fudge brownie topped with delicious vanilla ice cream with some chocolate sprinkles.  La Marea has created a few different variations of their Warm Brownie Cup so it will not be boring. 

Mochi Ice Cream with local flavors.  I love eating this Japanese invention and I made sure to order 2 pieces.  I chose Yema and Ube because I want my dessert to somehow have a local twist. I do not why I enjoy so much sticky desserts. The yema filling was a revelation. I wanted to add one more because I enjoyed it so much.

It is hard to find a dessert place in Cebu that can offer the same kind of variety at La Marea.  They offer frozen specialties like Mochi and Silvanas along with their various cakes and Warm Brownie Cups. Also, La Marea does not forget the local suppliers as they also feature kakanin like budbud cabog.  They are really the best when it comes to choices and the quality is up there as well. No wonder many will alway come back here when they have sweet cravings.

La Marea is indeed, one of the best places to cap a wonderful dinner or take a date to enjoy marvellous confections and desserts. Check it out one of these days and I am sure you will be one of their hundreds of "suki".

La Marea is located at Crossroads, Banilad Cebu City.  They also have a branch in I.T. Park and Paseo Arcenas, Banawa. 


  1. Food looks wonderful! I'll be visiting cebu in June, maybe I can swing by this place.


  2. But I prefer to try their Mochi Ice Cream, hmmm..taste interesting! I'm really curious as to how they taste.

  3. The desserts are simply so inviting specially that classic blueberry cheesecake. But sorry dear, hanggang tingin na lang ako, bawal sweets sa akin.

  4. Wow Mochi Ice Cream ! have a different local flavors. I wanna try that

  5. Why do you have to torture me at this lunch time?! You made me feel so hungry.. :(
    Wahaha! :D

    Anyway, these desserts are just so tempting that I wanna get them straight from my monitor and feast on it! I really really hope they'll serve the Warm Brownie Cup here in Davao. It's just too far! Whew!

  6. I'm a dessert person and would really love to try out the different offerings here. The Mochi balls looks really tasty.


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