My favourite Hot Wings place in Cebu: Gibb's Hot Wings!

I love my wings hot! I have been looking for a place where I can enjoy some spicy wings and eat like I am at home. Wings should be eaten with hands and that is the best way to enjoy it.  I planned to cook some delicious Buffalo wings but then I discovered a nice wing place in a restaurant/home in Banilad.

Gibb's Hot Wings is a restaurant inside the Holy Family Subdivision II in Banilad.  It is becoming one of the most popular places for hot wings here in Cebu.

Gibbs Hot Wings has 5 levels of spiciness for their specialty.

I tried eating there several times.  My friends love it.  My wife loves it. My out of town friends loved it during the Sinulog 2015. I usually order the original and insanely hot.  I tried the freakin' hot and I survived eating a couple of wings although I was sweating like I just had a High-Intensity Interval Training workout.   After eating the "Freakin' Hot" wings, the insanely hot tasted sweet. The price is really affordable and 1 serving could be good for 2 people.

Gibbs Hot Wings is my No.1 Chicken Wing Restaurant in Cebu.  I really recommend this place.  How about you? Where is your favourite wing place?

How to get there:

Via Car - From Ayala Drive to Talamban after coming down from the Banilad-Talamban Flyover go to the right most lane and enter the Holy Family Village II Gate.  Tell the guard that you are going to eat Gibb's Hot Wings and they will gladly guide you.

Via Jeep - Ride a jeep going to Talamban like 13C, 13B or 62C and go down near the Holy Family Subdivision II gate.  It'll be an 8 minute walk from the village guardhouse to the best hot wings in town. ;)


  1. thank you much!
    we're happy you like our Gibbs' Hot Wings!
    we will be opening a new branch soon, at Streetscape Mall! its the new mall
    right beside the gate of Ma. Luisa Village :)
    will definitely get in touch with you and invite you to our opening!
    thank you much! :)

    Reply Delete
    1. Thank you! I will sure go there once it opens. It is nice to see that you are expanding. More power!!!


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