Restaurant Wish List : I want Dad's back in Cebu

Last year, I went to Manila with some friends and in one of our food trips we went to Dad's.  I miss Dad's, it was like my favourite eat all you can buffet when I was in college.  The food trip there brought me back to the time when I was still 50 lbs lighter.  The first time, I ate at Dad's were with my college buddies at SM Megamall. I also remembered our family in Cebu goes to Dad's in SM City Cebu but their branch in Cebu has closed down almost a decade ago.  In the past few years, there were many eat all you can restaurants in Cebu that started operations but none can compare with the variety that the Triple V Group offers.  Here are some of the dishes that I love when I was there recently:
Filipino Kakanin at Dad's World Buffet
Local kakanin or desserts were really enjoyable. There is turon, kutsinta, puto bongbong and many more.

Dad's World Buffet's Pritchon
I also love that Dad's have Pritson or pritong lechon.  I also love wraps with meat inside ala peking duck.
Saisaki and Dad's Ebi Tempura
Tempura is one of my favourites when eating in a buffet.  Dad's has delicious ebi tempura and a wide selection of Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi, and maki.
Kakanin at Kaman
This is another one of those delicious kakanins. It looks so colourful and it was another yummy sweet treat.
Angus Beef at Dad's Buffet
Celebrate Thanksgiving at Dad's
Dad's World Buffet delicious roast meats
One of the best features of Dad's World Buffet is the variety of expensive cuts of roast meats like turkey, lamb, beef, and many more.

It is very hard to find a restaurant in Cebu that offers as much variety at a good price.  I have tried the hotel buffets but it costs almost double to triple the price of that. Dad's buffet is definitely on my restaurant wish list.  I truly wish that they are back in here in Cebu.  I hope they can read my plea.

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