Cafes in Cebu: Cat Cafe

Can you imagine yourself having coffee beside some cute looking cats?  Well, a cafe in Guadalupe is gaining popularity for letting customers mingle with cats, while enjoying some delicious food and drinks.  The Cat Cafe has been featured by a national TV station and I visited the cafe last week to find out how it is like to be in a cafe full of cats.

After entering Cat Cafe, I immediately saw some high school students caressing a cat that was on their table. I have been a dog lover since childhood, but I like cats too.  The closest encounters that I have had with cats was with stray cats that wandered near our house.  I never had a pet cat. 

The Cat Cafe has a small kitchen that is visible to customers.  They serve hot and cold drinks and some food items. I just had lunch when I came there so I was not really keen on ordering their main food items.

There were like 4 cats in that room, but only 2 were "interacting" with the patrons, as the other two were sleeping.  The white cat is so cute and it likes to be around people.

I decided to order a cold drink and a cheese sandwich.  The cats were behaved enough not to steal the food of the customers.  The feline friends at Cat Cafe are well-trained although occasionally, a cat or 2 would want to escape when the door is open so you have to be cautious when you open the doors.
The Cat Cafe has an annex which was more spacious and had bean bags on it.  They were also around 3 to 4 cats in the other room. I preferred staying in this room because of the better elbow room and the seating allows a closer encounter with cute cats.  The cafe has a good WiFi connection and I was able to post a photo on Instagram while I was there.

The Cat Cafe is located at V. Rama Avenue in Guadalupe, Cebu City.   It is beside Villa Fatima Subdivision and it is adjacent to corner V.Rama and L. Bacayo streets.   This is just my initial visit and I plan to go back here with some friends to try out their other food and drinks selections.  I really enjoyed my first visit there and I am looking to forward to making an in-depth food review.


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