Cafes in Cebu: Milktea Time at Beanleaf

Recently, I was looking for a nearby LBC branch and I found one really close to my place.  I also discovered a new tea place has opened at Ridges Mabolo. Beanleaf is another new player in Cebu Milk Tea market.  I decided to check it out because my wife really love to drink Milk tea.

I actually heard about this new tea place while listening to one of my favorite radio stations during my daily drive. One of the things that somehow that set them apart is that Beanleaf offers more food options than typical milk tea places.  I have been to many milk tea places and I usually end up having a sore tummy or sugar high because most cafes do not offer any hot food for lunch or snacks.  At Beanleaf, it will not be the case because they offer a good variety of hot food items.

Beanleaf has a decent Wifi connection and I see many students and working people staying here to study or to do work.  I even saw some people conducting a small meeting. The place is not noisy and there is ample parking space outside but it is shared by several establishments. 

I ordered 2 milk teas for take out and it came in a very handy holder. The holder makes it so easy for transport. It is so hard when you are alone and some restaurants and drive throughs just put the drink cups on a plastic bag. I really appreciate that this cafe helps me avoid spilling drinks in my passenger seat. 

My wife and I enjoyed our drinks when I got home.  A few days later, I went back to the place to work on some articles.

The wifi connection was quiet good as I was able to finish several blog posts. I love the Citrus with Malunggay Fruit Tea.  It surprisingly yummy as I thought it would be a bit bitter because of the malunggay.  I was not able to try any of their hot items as I had lunch already.  I am quite curios with their sausages.  I would probably get some the next time I visit their Ridges Branch.

Beanleaf has 2 shops in Cebu.  The one I went to is the Ridges Mabolo Branch in F. Cabahug Street.  Their other Cebu coffee shop is in Skyrise 3 at the Asiatown I.T. Park. Bean leaf has several franchisees in Metro Manila and Luzon. 


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