Dessert Places in Cebu: A Complete meal at Butterbean Desserts and Cafe

Roast Beef Banh Mi and Mango Cream Pie at Butterbean Desserts and Cafe
I have been passing by Butterbean Desserts・Cafe in Escario and I never really found the time to eat there.  I thought the establishment was all about cookies and brownies. I was wrong. I checked it out last weekend and I ended eating my lunch there. 

Butterbean Desserts and Cafe Cebu City
Judging from the bright colors and the familiar logo, I really thought this place was all about sweets. Honestly, I am not much of a sweet tooth that is why it took me months before I finally decided to check out the place.
Butterbean Desserts and Cafe Cebu City
It was still February so the cafe still had that Valentine's feel. Butterbean Cafe would be a good place to take a lady to a date and enjoy their sweet offerings.  As I browsed on their menu, the place is actually a restaurant with a full range of dishes from appetizers to soups to salad to pasta to sandwiches to main entrees and  to last and definitely not the least, desserts.  The most expensive among the non-dessert items is just 260 pesos. 

I was not really looking for a heavy meal.  Good thing they have what they call as Specials.  One of the Specials, is a half Banh Mi with a slice of cake and iced tea at 250 pesos. I decided to order that. I picked the Roast Beef Banh Mi and Mango Cream Pie.

Butterbean Desserts and Cafe 's Mango Cream Pie
The Mango Cream Pie looked really appetizing.  I was really tempted to eat it before my sandwich arrived. To pass time, I took a few pictures of it for my #foodporn post at Instagram. The waitress told me that the Mango Cream Pie is one of the their bestsellers. 

Butterbean Desserts and Cafe dellicious Banh Mi with Roast Beef and Liver fillings
The half-sized Banh Mi was bit small that what I expected but it was well stuffed with fillings.  The Vietnamese sandwich had roast beef, liver, vegetables, and cilantro in it.

I first ate the sandwich and I really enjoyed the flavor and contrast of textures in the Banh Mi.  The veggies were fresh and crunchy while the meat was tender and seasoned well.   The Roast Beef Banh Mi is really well balanced and joy to eat. Too bad, the portion size was not big enough for me.  ;)

The cake tastes as good as it looks.  The mango topping was very sweet and the cheesecake was really creamy and ice-cream like. I also love the crust and I usually rub a mouthful to the chocolate syrup before eating it.  It was a slice of heaven for me.

The meal was excellent to the mouth but my tummy was asking for more. I may come back here soon with some company and I would really try some of their other dishes. For a really filling meal here, I think you have prepare around 300-400 pesos per person. 

Have you tried eating here? What are your thoughts about this place? 


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