Eateries in Cebu: Shalom Judges and Jireh Genesis

If I ended up in the Banilad area during lunchtime, I usually have lunch in one of my favorite eateries in Cebu.  Shalom Judges and Jireh Genesis is usually packed during lunch because of its variety and affordability.  This carenderia offer the best selection of local dishes at very good prices.  It is not a surprise why this is frequented by many workers from nearby offices.  I visited the eatery recently and here some of the delicious dishes that they offer:

If you love vegetable dishes, there are a lot of choices at Shalom Judges and Jireh Genesis. Above is Squash in Coconut Milk. The creamy goodness of the gata (Filipino term for Coconut Milk) goes so well with the squash and string beans.

Filipinos, in general, would not like any part of a cow or pork go to waste so we invented dishes that make use of innards. One of the most popular local dishes is Paklay which usually has ox tripe, liver, and other parts of an animal's digestive system.  The dish includes a lot of spices like chili and ginger to give it a delicious aroma and taste.

Sometimes, Shalom Judges and Jireh Genesis offer exotic seafood dishes like octopus and stingray.  Above is Nilarang na Pagi or Hot and Sour Stingray.  This dish is a favorite of some males who believe that stingray is an aphrodisiac. The soup can really awaken your taste buds.

When I eat here, I usually get around 2 to 3 viands. One serving is usually good enough for 1 rice but because it is so affordable, I always getting 1 or 2 more dishes. I also like this place because they have a parking space and they have a decent capacity.  The Shalom Judges and Jireh Genesis are perfectly seasoned for locals but surprisingly, I usually see many Koreans eat in this carenderia.

Shalom Judges and Jireh Genesis is located at Archbishop Reyes Avenue, just under the Ayala Junction flyover.


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