Family Fiesta at Mooon Cafe Robinsons Cybergate

We were at Robinsons Cybergate and one of our teammates in Rainmaker's Group closed a sale and she wanted to sponsor a group dinner. Our broker decided that we have dinner at Mooon Cafe which was just steps away from Robinsons Homes exhibit. 

Moon Cafe has a Family Fiesta meal that can either be good for 4-6 or 6-10 people.  The group of 4-6 meal costs 1,110 pesos while the group of 6-10 is priced at 1,699.  Each meal includes a nacho as an appetizer, a soup, 2 meat dishes, rice, and iced tea.  We decided to get the Set B of the Group of 4-6 meal.  Our dinner includes Nacho de Salsa, Pumpkin Soup, Crispy Pata, and Fried Chicken.

The meal was more than enough for the five of us.  I was able to bring the crispy pata bones for my pet dogs while Christy brought a few chicken slices home.  The pumpkin soup was just alright and most of us feasted on the meat dishes. The Mooon Cafe family fiesta meal is a good treat for a small family.  It is a perfect meal to order for celebrations like birthdays or graduation.  The price is very reasonable and I recommend this meal if you want have a set meal in one of Cebu's most popular restaurants.

Check it out and tell me how did you like it.


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