Food Stalls: Korean Noodles at Masitta Food Shopped

When I go to a mall and suddenly get hungry, I always end up going to a food stall rather than eat at typical fast-food joints. At J-Center Mall, Mandaue, one of my favorite food stall is Masitta food shopped.  It is a Korean-inspired instant noodle place and it serves one of the best instant noodle dishes in Cebu.
At Masitta, you can choose from several instant noodle creations.  If you like your soup to be spicy, you can have jjampong or kimchi noodles.  If you do not like spicy foods, you can have chicken or beef noodle soup.  They also have dry versions like cream pasta.  I usually get Kimchi noodles with egg. 

Once you place and order, the attendants will cook the noodles in front of you using their innovative instant noodle stove. It is fun to watch especially when it is your first time.

The noodle meal includes rice, kimchi, and iced tea.  A lot of Filipinos love to eat rice with their noodles.  The kimchi is very spicy and the quality is quite good for a food stall. I always get extra rice because of the spicy noodles and the delicious kimchi.

When I am in J-Center Mall, I often eat noodles at Masitta Food Shopped and I always end up with a #happytummy.


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