Happy Hour at Murray's New Orleans

While walking around Ayala Center Cebu New Wing, I passed by Murray's New Orleans and I saw an interesting poster. They are offering a Mardi Gras Shooters and Cocktails promo starting at 49 pesos. This got me really curios so I told my friend that we should check it out.

I cannot believe that Murray's New Orleans are really selling their shooters at 49 pesos only.  It is quiet cheap. I decided to get 1 shot each of Fire in the Hole, Slippery Nipple , and Melon Ball. The 3 shots I ordered are very different from each other.

The Fire in the Hole is made of habanero sauce, a clear liquor, and cayenne pepper. I tastes smooth in the mouth but it has one heck of a wicked finish.  You can really feel the hot sauce in your throat. I think it could be a good cure for common colds. This drink is not suited for people who has low tolerance on hot flavor but it is the ultimate drink for hour sauce lovers.

The Melon Ball smell so good. It is a bit sweeter at first and drinking it somehow reminds me of cough syrup that I that use drink when I was a kid.  All in all it was a pleasant drink that leaves your breath with a very soothing aroma. It would be a good first drink in a bar when you forgot to brush and you intend to socialize.

The Slippery Nipple is the final cocktail that I ordered and the reason I got it was because I got curios with the name. The first thing I noticed is that there version has a cherry on it so I guess that is the "nipple" part. I liked it so much because it has Baileys that gives the cocktail a very delicious taste.  I think a lot ladies would love this if only they can overlook the weird sounding name.

My friend decided to order Margarita and she said that she truly enjoyed the Tequila based drink. It came in a very nice looking glass and the lightning conditions did not justice to how instagram-worthy was the drink.

To fill our stomach, I decided to order some Sausage and Onion Po Boy.  As part of Murray's New Orleans' Happy Hour Bites, the Po bOy with Onion Rings is only priced at 199 pesos. I ordered Po Boy because I wanted to really have a little feel of what it is like during happy hour in Louisiana. The serving was really generous and it was more than enough as snacks for two people. Other options for their Happy Hour Bites are Jalapeño Sliders, Cajun Chicken Club Sandwich, and Fried Chicken and Salsa.

The Happy Hour at Murray's was literally a happy hour for me. I went home with a little blush due to the alcohol but also because I had a great time. Someday, I would probably go back and taste their other cocktails and shooters. Murray's New Orleans is becoming my favorite happy hour destination in the Ayala Center area.

I will promise that I will once again feature another favorite eating and drinking destination tomorrow and start what I call a Happy Hour weekend. ;)


  1. 49 pesos for a flavored Cocktails is worth a buy. You've posted so many amazing finds in Cebu. I don't just crave with your food post. I feel, I want to buy a home in Cebu now!

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    1. Let's have cocktails sometime. hehehe. Your manga reviews are making me want to go have some shooters because it reminded me of someone from the past. hahaha

  2. This resto-bar is actually worth to be tried. It is very affordable and at the same time, the dishes looked good!

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  3. I've tried this restaurant first in its Resorts World Manila branch and I liked the dishes. The Happy Hour will sound great for those who love to drink alcohol and have a good time with friends. :)

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  4. The dishes seems yummy for that 49 pesos lang. Sulit bro.

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  5. I love it! It is very affordable and the food hmmm...yummy! Indeed a Happy Hour.

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  6. Shooters for 49? Take me there now! For sure this promo is a hit!

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  7. What it taste like? I am curious about it because I watched videos with that kind of shot and it seems fun!

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  8. mukhang masarap yung melon. sayang, d ako masyado dyan sa area na yan

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  9. I love New Orleans here in Davao. I'm not sure if they have happy hour too. And if they do, I'll definitely bring my friends there :D

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