Restaurants in Cebu: Delicious Lunch at 30 Kitchen + Bar

Restaurants in Cebu
One of my clients had an early morning appointment with me to go to the office of a condominium developer.  We finished early and she said she want to eat lunch and invite some of her friends to join.  She said she saw my blog and she wanted us to eat at Carnivore Cebu.  We went to The Gallery, but Carnivore will only open at 11:30.  We were 30 minutes too early so we end up looking for an open restaurant at that time.  Good thing, 30 Kitchen + Bar is open.
The Gallery in Mabolo is the home of many new restaurants in Cebu. 30 Kitchen + Bar is positioning itself as a restaurant where you can enjoy good food for lunch and dinner while, it transforms itself into a cozy drinking place at past dinner time.  For that day, I just wanted to check out their different main courses.

We were the first ones there so we had the place all by ourselves.  I asked the waitress what  are the  specialties of 30 Kitchen + Bar and she answered that everything is good there. That's the worst answer that she can give me because it confused me more. Every time I eat in a restaurant for the first time, I always want to taste their specialty because if the specialty is not good enough, most likely the other dishes will be mediocre as well.  Since we were left to fend for ourselves, I browsed on the menu and ordered these items:

30 Kitchen + Bar, The Gallery Mabolo, Cebu City Soup
I wanted to have soup and I ordered their Mushroom Soup at 75 pesos. I told the waitress to split the order into 2 servings. It was a great start of a meal as the soup was very rich and creamy. It was mildly seasoned and with a little dash of pepper it became an instant favorite. I like it so much. The price is a big bargain.

Pork Ribs at 30 Kitchen + Bar, The Gallery Mabolo, Cebu City
For myself, I ordered the 30Ribs.  I picked this one because they put their name on this dish.   This must be one of their specialties. At 210 pesos, the size is quite generous. It came with a barbecue sauce and some pickled vegetables.  I added 30 pesos to have mashed potatoes as a side dish instead of rice. The mash came with a mushroom gravy that tasted like the hearty soup that I just had. The ribs were tender and full of flavor.   This meal is perfect for someone with a good appetite.

 Angus Steak, steaks in Cebu
My companion ordered the 30 Angus Steak.  Same logic as above as we think these dishes could be their signature dishes.  She had the steak cooked well done.  The 285-peso entree included rice, pickled veggies, and mushroom sauce.  The portion size was quite good.  My client gave me a slice and I really liked it with the mushroom sauce and my mash. If I were to order the Angus steak I would probably go medium or medium rare. 
Two of my client's friends were able to join us for lunch and one had the Cyprus Chicken. This Mediterranean-inspired dish is basically chicken bathed in tomato sauce with lots of olives and cheese. It was a fragrant and well-balanced dish.

Thinly sliced pork belly drizzled with Hot Asian dressing
The other friend got the Belly Crunch.  The dish is made of pork belly thinly cut then fried to a crisp before glazed with you choice sauce; either hot, mild or barbecue.  She had the hot sauce.  The food had the texture of a crunchy bacon with a sauce that reminds who of hot buffalo wings.  I was given a slice and I enjoyed it.  It is perfect for rice eaters as the Belly Crunch will make you eat lots of rice. The dish is priced at 180 pesos.

The unexpected detour led me to conclude that 30 Kitchen + Bar is a decent place to have dinner or lunch.  The prices here are reasonable with main courses costing in the range of 150 - 285. The portions are good and sometimes even plentiful.  This is a good alternative to dining at fine restaurants in malls. Parking is not a problem in The Gallery Mabolo. 

If you are looking a nice place to take your loved one or a have a business lunch or dinner, do check out 30 Kitchen + Bar at The Gallery Mabolo. ;)


  1. I'm so into soup and mashed potatoes! Yum. Thanks for sharing. I don't usually get to that part of the city very often because I'm from the south. I'll check it out one of these days.

  2. Wow, everything looks delicious. I'm coming to Cebu this coming June, and I hope to try at least some from this list! xx


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