Having Sagada Coffee in Vietnamese Phin at Bintana

Recently, I had a meeting at Bintana at Elizabeth Pond Street. I have always been curious about this coffee shop and I have heard some good reviews from friends. It has been months that place has been on my radar. I finally had a cup of coffee at Bintana and left with some regret that I did not try this place earlier. 

I was really surprised to see that they offer a lot of interesting dishes.   Binatana serves Filipino food and also snacks like burgers and fries. They even sell wonderful pre-loved books at bargain prices.
Since it was a short meeting and I already had dinner, I just a cup of Sagada Coffee brewed on a Vietnamese Phin.  After visiting places like Ironbound Coffee and Boots Coffee Bar, I have been slowly exposed to the world coffee beans and the innovative brewing methods.  I never had coffee brewed from a Phin but based on my little knowledge, a Phin could produce a very strong brew. 

Indeed, it was a bold cup of Sagada Coffee. I drank it black with no sugar or cream.  It has a full coffee flavor with a strong finish.  It was acidic and I was tempted to add some sweetener but I managed to finish it all in just a few minutes. I prefer the V-60 or even the French press over the Vietnamese Phin.

I want to go back to Bintana and their other dishes and their Civet Coffee. Too bad, Bintana is actually going to move to a new place because the owner of the building was going to use the place.  I definitely check them out once they move to a new location. 


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