The Amazing Chicken Pork Adobo Roll at Titay's

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Titay's Since 1907

Titay's has been an institution in Liloan, Cebu.  The bakeshop is famous for its Roquillos and other baked goods like Mamon and Torta. Recently, I visited a friend who was living in Liloan.  I asked her what's a good snack in their town and she said Titay's has one of the best meat rolls.  I was a bit puzzled because I never associated Titay's with meat buns.  My curiosity led me to drive to the bakeshop to try it out.

Best Meat Roll in Cebu
When I entered Titay's, I immediately saw a display of Chicken Pork Adobo rolls. It was priced at 35 pesos each.  I find it a bit expensive than expected.  I took 5 pieces and paid. The buns were still warm so I decided to eat one.  

Titan's, Liloan, Cebu
At first glance, it looked like a regular meat roll.  It is around 2 times bigger than a regular sized Pan de Sal.  

Titay's Bakeshop Chiken Pork Adobo
It smelled like it just came out of the oven.  The bread crust was a bit crunchy and the bread tastes really good. The filling was really delicious. I think I finished the Chicken Pork Adobo roll in less than 2 minutes.  I enjoyed it so much that I ate another one while driving.

When I got home, I put in the refrigerator. I ate another  piece a day later and it was still amazingly good even when cold. I had the last 2 heated in the microwave and had it so for snacks.  

The Chicken Pork Adobo roll is a winner. I want some more, but there is no Titay's bakery in Cebu City. I promised myself that every time I go back to Liloan, I would pass by Titay's and buy Chicken Pork Adobo meat buns. 

Update: Chicken Pork Adobo Roll is now available in Titay's Kiosk at the 2nd Floor of Ayala Center Cebu New Wing. Yippee!!!

Have you tried this? Where can I buy meat rolls as delicious as these?


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