Turning Burgaholic at Burgaholic

Burgaholic Cebu - Home of the best charcoal grilled burgers

What is a burgaholic? Well, burgaholic comes from the word burg, which is short for burger and          -aholic, meaning addicted to.  I think I have been a burgaholic since I was around 5 years old when my mom and dad used to bring me to the old Orange Brutus in Fuente Osmena.  Recently, I discovered this new burger place near Sacred Heart Hijas School. It is named Burgaholic. I have seen some good reviews by my friends who ate there and seeing their posts, whet my appetite for hamburgers.

I had a meeting with my colleagues in Robinsons Place Cebu and we ended at around 7 pm.  So, I decided to have dinner somewhere near and the first place that popped into my head was Burgaholic. The burger stall is located in M.P. Yap Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City.  Currently, it is in an apartment unit near Bordz Bar and Resto.  I was lucky to get a parking space just a few steps away from Burgaholic.  The first thing I saw was a guy grilling a piece of burger and the first thing I did was to take a photo.  I was able to get a seat near the charcoal grilling station.

Charcoal-girlled Hamburgers at Burgaholic Cebu

Burgaholic Cebu
The Dad of the owner approached me and I asked what I will have. I was tempted to order the half-pounder; but, after some careful thought, I settled with a quarter-pounder.  The place was packed that day, that's why I ended up sharing my table with 2 girls.  I was taking a lot of photos and Madam Nancy, the mom of the owner, asked if I am a blogger or something. I told her that I am.  She was really friendly and she even told me that it was her daughter's birthday that day and it was a double celebration because she finished her degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Ma'am Nancy asked me to eat some of their "handa". 

Burgaholic Cebu
I did not want to say no, so I obliged and got a few slices of liempo and pancit.  I did not want to eat too much because I was really looking forward to my quarter-pounder. 

1/4 pound burger at Burgaholic Cebu with home-made hot sauce

My Quarter-Pounder arrived and it came with their special home-made hot sauce. The quarter-pounder at Burgaholic comes with bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, and their signature cheesy mushroom sauce. I really love charcoal-grilled burgers.  It has that unique aroma.  My Burgaholic quarter-pounder was crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. It was mildly seasoned.  The hot sauce is the BOMB! When poured in my burger, my enjoyment went over the roof. I like it so much that I would really insist on having their hot sauce when I come back there. They actually do not serve the special sauce to everyone and if your heat tolerance is low, I would not suggest the homemade hot sauce. For people who love hot food, their sauce is one of the best.  

I loved my first time there.  I was able to finish my 1/4 pound burger in less than 5 minutes.  I wanted some more that I ended up ordering a classic burger with bacon for takeout. The owners were so hands on and they try to make everyone feel at home. They have plans to move to a bigger place and I really hope that they do. Right now, they only serve hamburgers.  They have plans for introducing side dishes and other burger variants. 

Burgaholic is the perfect anti-fast food burger place. It does not have air-con, uniformed staff, the value meals, and the side dishes.  What it does have, however, is a place for real burgaholics to come and enjoy some really delicious charcoal-grilled burgers.  They are not trying to be cute, they just want to give you the best "home-made" burger in town.


Classic - 100 pesos +20 for bacon
Quarter-pounder - 175 pesos
Half-Pounder - 295 pesos

Restaurant Info:
173 A M.P. Yap Street, Cebu City

Have you tried eating here? Let me know what your thoughts are about this place. :)


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