Hole in the Wall: Larang at Ahong's Ramos

One time, I was driving around Cebu uptown and I was looking for a good place to eat.  I was not really keen on spending so much that day and I just wanted to eat at an eatery that has good food and a parking space.  Save for malls, it is really hard to find a parking space near the Fuente area during lunchtime. After minutes of driving around, I ended up in the Ramos Market area. I saw many cars parking at the back of the market and a lot of people seem to eat in the carenderias nearby. Luckily, I was to find a good spot to park.  I checked out the eateries nearby and I decided to eat at Ahong's.
Most of the eateries in the vicinity of the Ramos Market specialize in larang and tinowa.  Nilarang and Tinuwa are two popular versions of the fish soup. Tinuwa is basically a clear soup that is a bit on the salty side while nilarang is ore of hot and sour.   The sour flour comes from kamias or iba and the tomatoes. 

Ahong's also serve Balbacua, Pochero, and Bakareta as well as other local seafood dishes like kiampao. I ended up ordering larang with mais (corn grits). I washed down my meal with a bottle of cola. It was a tummy-filling meal for less than 100 pesos.  I paid 20 pesos for the parking and went home happy.

There are many small eateries in Cebu that needs to be mentioned and I am planning to feature at least one hole in the wall eatery every month.  Let me know, if you have a favorite carenderia so that I can feature it in Kalami Cebu. 


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