Pizza in Cebu: Quattro Formaggi for Take-Out at La Bella Pizza Bistro

One time I was out with my friends and my wife told me to bring something when I go home. It was almost midnight when I was done, so I decided to buy pizza. I was coming from I.T. Park and ended up at Gallery Mabolo.  Luckily, La Bella Pizza Bistro was still accepting orders. Since my wife loves cheese, I decided to get a Quattro Formaggi Pizza. Quattro Formaggi mean 4-Cheese and I am confident that she is going to love the surprise.

Since I was the only customer at that time, I was able to see up close how the La Bella Pizza crew make the classic Quattro Formaggi. 
After preparing the dough by tossing and flattening it, La Bella's rich tomato sauce was spread on the dough.
Generous amounts of 4 different kinds of cheeses were scattered on my pizza.
My pizza was then cooked in a wood-fired brick oven.
By just looking at it, I knew that I just ordered one yummy pizza. It smelled good and the crust looked so crispy.
I had it sliced into 8 parts.
I went home and my wife was very happy with what I brought.  I am very happy that La Bella Pizza Bistro is just near our house and I really recommend their Quattro Formaggi pizza.  You should give it a try! ;)


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