Wine and Desserts at Plaza Pino Boulangerie

Plaza Pino Boulangerie, Wilson Street, Lahug Cebu City
A few weeks ago, Pino Restaurant opened their newest expansion which they call Plaza Pino Boulangerie. I have to look up what boulangerie means.  Well, it is actually French for a bakery. Pino is not just about Filipino cuisine anymore and their newest expansion is more of an extension of the Pino group's French flagship La Vie Parisienne.  I went to Plaza Pino Boulangerie with a foursome of students who wanted to celebrate the end of school year. Two of them graduated college so there was a wonderful reason to celebrate and have some wine and desserts.

Dessert Places in Cebu City
Plaza Pino Boulangerie is another stylish bakery which is becoming a fairly common site in Cebu. I think the trend was started by La Vie Parisienne then the Abaca Group joined the fray by opening the Abaca Baking Company.  While Abaca Baking Company has mainly indoor sitting and La Vie Parisienne has mainly outdoor sitting, Plaza Pino Boulangerie is sort of a hybrid between the two as it has a roofed outdoor sitting.  It is airy because they use a fan with giant propellers for ventilation.  The ambiance is great because they have a local band that plays singable Pop hits. 

Plaza Pino Boulangerie, Wilson Street, Lahug Cebu City
I ordered a Canele. A Canele is a common pastry found in French patisseries. It is a specialty in the world-renowned wine region of Bourdeaux. I did not now about its history when I ordered this French specialty and the only reason why I ordered it because it was not a usual dessert that I can see in other bakeries or dessert places in Cebu. 

Plaza Pino Boulangerie, Wilson Street, Lahug Cebu City
My companions ordered their delicious Chocolate cupcake.
Plaza Pino Boulangerie, Wilson Street, Lahug Cebu City
We ordered a bottle of flavored Shanpelino sparkling wine. We enjoyed the music and the food. My wife really loved the cupcake that she ordered.  My canele matched very well with sweet fruit-flavored sparkling wine. The Virtudazo siblings also enjoyed their time there.  Nezte became an instant fan of the house band.  We were having so much fun they ended up ordering another bottle of wine. The wine is very easy to drink and it is definitely worth more than its price. 

Plaza Pino Boulangerie is one great place to chill after having dinner at the nearby restaurants.  The place is not too noisy and it has an excellent ambiance for intimate conversations or even dates. I find this place a bit cozier than La Vie Parisienne.  The seats are more comfortable and the band gives a more laidback atmosphere. The price is very reasonable and the place is very much Instagram worthy. If you are looking for a place to hang out, check this boulangerie out. 

Plaza Pino Boulangerie is located at Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City. 


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