Dessert Places in Cebu: Isidra Comfort Cantina's Ice Candy and Mango Float

Divine Desserts at Isidra Comfort Cantina
I always have a craving for cold desserts during the summer.  Summer 2015 is particularly hot that I was really "forced" to look for some of the best places for desserts in Cebu City.  One time, a friend of mine asked for a suggestion and I told her to check out Isidra Comfort Cantina's dessert line up. I just wanted to eat Ice Candy that is why I told her that we'll go to this restaurant since I know they also have some other delicious dessert options.

Divine Desserts at Isidra Comfort Cantina

Divine Desserts at Isidra Comfort Cantina
Andrea decided to have Mango Float; while, the adults just had Ice Candy.  We all enjoyed our choices.  The Ice Candy really helped counter the blazing hot weather.  At 15 pesos, it was a great heat neutralizer.  The Mango Float was heavenly. The mango filling was very sweet and the dessert was very creamy and well-balanced.  I was very happy to find another cool dessert place in the Capitol Site area. If you are craving for some delicious yet affordable desserts, you should check out Isidra Comfort Cantina. ;)


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