6-11-2015 Food of the Day: Silog

Why is it that a simple breakfast meat gets elevated to become a Pinoy classic combination by just adding some Garlic fried rice or sinangag, and some eggs? We call it "Silog" which is short for sinangag and itlog (eggs). I got so addicted to the different versions of silog when I studied college in Manila. My favorite silogan there was Rodic's at the UP Shopping Center in Diliman.  I really love their tapsilog.  In other days, I get chosilog (chorizo, sinangag, itlog), hotsilog, cornedsilog, spamsilog, tocilog, and even hungarian silog.  Even when came back to Cebu, I always love when breakfast includes some version of silog.

There many silogans now in the city and even the fast-food outlets like Jollibee have their own versions of the silog. I am just curios, what is your favorite silog meal and where do you usually eat when you crave for silog?  Comment and Share it with us. 


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