6-14-2015 Food of the Day: Lechon Carcar

Kalami Cebu Road Trip, Enjoying Lechon in Carcar City with Nezte Virtudazo, Juliet Margate, Stephanie Olano, Carlo Andrew Olano
One time, +Nezte Virtudazo invited me to have a road trip to Simala.  We decided to have  a pit stop in Carcar to have lunch. Carcar is Cebu's pork hotspot in the south.  The city is known for its chicharon and lechon.  We went to the Carcar City Public Market and look for a lechon stall. At the market, you can find several lechon stalls bunched in one area. You will definitely get tempted to eat after seeing the glistening red skin of freshly cooked lechon. The stall owners would even let you sample their lechon.

We decided to buy one kilo and eat it at a nearby carenderia.  Nezte, +Juliet Margate , +Stephanie Olano , and I feasted on the juicy and flavorful Carcar Lechon. We ate at least a cup of rice each and drank some softdrinks.  I told Nezte that I will pay 500 and they just take care of the rest. I got the surprise of my life when our bill amounted to less than 500. I was puzzled at first then after gathering my senses, I asked how much does a kilo of lechon cost. The lady answered 300 pesos ($7). 300! I almost got a heart attack hehehe. Just wow!! The lechon is probably the best value lechon ever.

If you are heading south and you want to eat lechon, Carcar is you best option.  Their lechon is as yummy as some of the best lechon places in Cebu City yet you can get it 40% cheaper.  You can eat it at the market, but it can also become your main dish while having an outing at nearby destinations like Oslob, Moalboal, Dalaguete, Argao, and Simala.

How about you, where is your favorite lechon place? Have you found a good bargain on a favorite food recently? Comment and Share your thoughts. ;)


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