6-16-2015 Food of the Day: Majestic's Lumpia Shanghai

Best Fried Lumpia in Cebu
One of my favorite dishes in Majestic Restaurant is their Lumpia Shanghai.  It has always been a favorite for decades now.  My wife probably considers the fried lumpia as China's greatest culinary invention.  We love the Lumpia Shanghai at Majestic because it is meaty, crunchy, and bite-sized. Majestic's fried lumpia has the perfect ratio between meat and wrapper. I also marvel how tightly they wrap their tiny masterpieces as there is no space between the wrapper and the filling.  At Majestic, the lumpia comes freshly fried so it comes out really crispy.  It is also good that they cut the Lumpia Shanghai pieces into smaller sizes before frying ensuring a really cooked filling and also making it easier to eat. #WheninMajestic always order the Lumpia Shanghai. 

A lot of people claim to know how to make a delicious Lumpia Shanghai but for me, Majestic's Lumpia Shanghai is the Lebron James of fried lumpia in our city. Do you like lumpia too? Who makes your favorite fried lumpia?


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