6-22-2015 Food of the Day: Giant Halo-Halo

Carlo Andrew Olano and Stephanie Miel-Olano enjoying some Halo-Halo
Halo-Halo is probably one of the most loved cold desserts by Filipinos.  There are so many versions of this popular dessert.  The possibilities are actually endless as restaurants use some unique ingredients to make their halo-halo special. One way of making a halo-halo unique is to "put on steroids" and make it a giant.  The giant-sized halo-halo which became a craze here in Cebu was started by Ice Giants. Founded in Davao, Ice Giants conquered Cebu with their Giant Halo-Halo. The super-sized Ice Giants dessert has toppings that include Ice Cream in different flavors, wafer sticks, candies, cream, and a whole lot more.  It is fun to eat with friends and family.

Have you tried the Halo-Halo at Ice Giants? How do you find it?

Ice Giants has a branch in Capitol Site and City Times Square Mandaue.  Frozen Snack Bar in Juana Osmena also offers a similarly sized halo-halo. 


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