6-23-2015 Food of the Day: Empanada

One of the best things about the almost 400 years of Spanish colonization culinary-wise is the empanada. I just love this stuffed pastry that is perfect as a snack or even a meal. My favorite stuffing for empanada is minced pork with some potatoes, carrots, and bits of hard-boiled eggs. There are so many versions nowadays as people experiment on what to put inside. For me, the perfect empanada should be hot, must have a crispy pastry, and succulent filling.  One of the best empanadas that I ever tasted is the Ilocos version.  The Ilocos empanada is bigger than the usual empanada, it is freshly fried and has a very crunchy exterior.  The stuffing includes some flavorful Vigan longanisa, bean sprouts, and egg.  It is a dish that I am willing to travel hundreds of kilometers.  The Ilocos empanada becomes one of best the Ilocano food ever when you add some of their local vinegar. It is simply awesome.  Too bad, I am living in Cebu and nobody has tried inventing a similar snack here.

How about you, do you have a favorite empanada place? Let me know where by posting a comment and sharing a link. ;)


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