6-24-2015 Food of the Day: Manila Foodshoppe's : Maki Mi

If you are looking for a snack that can make you really full, I am going to suggest that you try Manila Foodshoppe's Maki Mi. Maki Mi is portmanteau between Maki and Mami.  Maki is a thick Pork Tenderloin Soup that was popularized by the Filipino-Chinese in Binondo, Manila while Mami means Noodle Soup.  Maki Mi, therefore, is a pork noodle soup with a thick brown sauce.  This noodles soup is really heavy and could be good for lunch or dinner as well.  In Cebu, one of the best places to eat some Maki Mi is Manila Foodshoppe which has branches in Parkmall and Osmena Boulevard. I usually eat as a snack, but it can also become my soup dish during main meals. I usually just add some white pepper on it.  The soup is salty with a hint of sweetness.  The pork is really tender and they put lots on it in this dish. The noodles just make it more of a complete meal with the added carbs.  The Maki Mi also goes well with siopao. 

For me, Maki Mi is one of the best comfort food during the rainy season which just came right on time this year.  How about you? What is your favorite rainy season dish?


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