6-27-2015 Food of The Day: Saang

One of my favorite seashells is the Saang. Saang is Spider Shell or Lambis Scorpius. I like this shell grilled and I could probably finish at least 5 pieces for lunch.  I prefer the Saang over the smaller shells because it packs a lot of meat.  I sometimes get impatient when I tuse a safety pin to get the meat out of the smaller kinason (seashell).  It is way easier with saang, you get a fairly large amount of meat just using your hands.

One of the best places to east Saang is at the beach.  It is one of the beach outing foods for me. You can also buy grilled spider shells at seafood restaurants like AA Barbecue.

How about you? Do you eat seashells? What is your favorite?


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