6-4-2015 Food of the Day: Bahug Bahug

Kalami Cebu, Bahug Bahug, Food of the Day
 I recently posted in my Instagram account a picture of a Red Velvet cake and it generated quite a few likes and the #redvelvet hashtag has millions of posts already. I am really surprised how this red cake became so popular.  If we play a guessing game a couple of years ago, and you will give me clues of red and you can buy it in a bakeshop, the most likely answer that will come out of my mouth will be Bahug Bahug.  Bahug bahug is basically bread pudding and the sweet red creation was a favorite of mine while I was growing up. If there was Instagram in the 1980's, #bahugbahug could have thousands of posts. I searched Instagram for #bahugbahug and there were only 40 posts mentioning the hashtag.

I recently ate Bahug Bahug and for me, it is one of the bread that can give you the best bang for your buck.  IMHO, Bahug Bahug can out-value the Red Velvet cake.  A slice of Red Velvet cake costs around 100 pesos and that is worth more than 15 slices of Bahug Bahug.  As a mental note, the next time I eat an expensive cake, I will think of how many people could have enjoyed bahug bahug with the amount I paid eating a single slice of cake. ;)
Kalami Cebu, Bahug Bahug, Food of the Day
What is your favorite cheap bread while growing up? Comment and Share your thoughts.


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