Cafes in Cebu: Brussels Cafe Banawa

One time, I was looking for a good place to eat at the Banawa area. I end up parking at Paseo Arcenas and checked out the several lunch options there.  I saw Brussels Cafe and decided to eat lunch there.  The cafe has a very cabin-like feel. I can see many European products on display. I expected this place to be different from the typical cafes in the city.

The menu is full of interesting items.  They have breakfast sets, salads, soups, and meals. I was with my aunt and she really love to eat some salad and a main dish so we ordered: Vegetarian Salad, Pastry Set, Hungarian Sausage, and Chicken Stew.

Vegetarian Salad - The salad creation included some lettuce, cucumber, apple, raisins, and roasted walnuts.  It was a refreshing salad and the combination is quite uncommon in Cebu restaurants. The vegetarian salad at Brussel's Cafe is a joy to eat as you will experience a whole range of textures and flavors. At 215 pesos ($5), it is worth it considering all the nutrients and fibers that you will get from this very nutritious dish.
Pastry Set- Brussel's Cafe's pastry set included 2 croissants and 3 danish pastries. Spoonfuls of butter and marmalade were also served with the set. It is an excellent option for a light breakfast.  A cup of coffee with this would constitute a great start to a wonderful day.  The set is priced at 115 pesos ($2.50)
Hungarian Sausage with Rice (Php190 or $4.25) - The set basically one sausage with rice, catsup, and some greens. A bit pricey than average compared to other restaurants that serve similar sausage meal.
Chicken Stew and Meatballs (Php 285 or $6) - Brussel's Cafe make a delicious chicken stew with mushrooms and bechamel sauce.  The chicken really go so well with the mild white sauce.  It is fun to eat with the Belgian fries although, rice could be another delicious partner.  It was a delight having this lunch.  Cafes are really known for expensive hot dishes and this one is surely one of those, but I really do not mind paying for Brussel's Cafe's chicken stew.  The waitress also told me that they serve a yummy beef stew as well.
Do you love Belgian Beer? Brussels Cafe sells a variety of beers from Belgium.

Brussels Cafe is not like your typical cafe in the city that just serves some overpriced coffee and cakes.  The cafe really offers some interesting dishes that can give you a restaurant experience during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu is well thought of and you can really have a real meal at this cafe. The atmosphere is quiet laidback and relaxing.  It is the type of establishment that you wanna go back if you can afford.  Price-wise it is not on the cheap side but if you just order the things that you do not usually find in ordinary cafes then Brussels Cafe can offer a good value for your money.

Brussels Cafe Branches are located at Paseo Arcenas, Banawa, Cebu City, and Green Homes, MJ Cuenco Avenue corner Sitio Baca, Cebu City.


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