Dessert Places in Cebu: Country Basket Pastries and More

Although I am not much of a sweet tooth, I usually go to a cafe or a dessert place at least once a week. To be honest, I really do not go to cafes to devour their tempting creations but more out of necessity as cafes have decent Wi-Fi connection making them a suitable place for meetings and working lunches. I usually prefer cafes that offer hot meals because I am more of a protein eater. I recently dropped by SM City Cebu and found out that Country Basket has opened a branch at the lower ground floor level of the mall.  I got to try some of their creations and I felt that Country Basket Pastries and More has the potential to be my favorite cafe in the area.

At first I thought that Country Basket Pastries and More will be just be a typical cake shop at the mall that offers delightful desserts and beautiful cakes. I have been to their branch at JY Prestigio in Lahug before and I have bought some nice looking cupcakes there.  I expected more of the same.
The selection at Country Basket run the gamut from cakes and cupcakes to cookies and even local desserts like leche flan.
I was able to chat a bit with the owner, Miss Ellen Yu-Lee and she wants Country Basket to be the go to place for families for desserts.  The idea is not really far fetched as the newly opened dessert place has a lot of interesting items to choose from.  Miss Ellen told Kalami Cebu that they also have several hot items on their menu.  This development makes Country Basket an excellent lunch, dinner, or snack place option as well.  Here are some of the items that I tried there:
Truffled Wild Mushroom Soup
The Truffled Wild Mushroom Soup was really hearty.  It has a strong earthy flavor brought upon by the wild mushrooms used instead of canned ones and the generous amount of truffle oil that was drizzled as a special finishing touch.  It was accompanied with a fragrant bread.
Roasted Garlic and Spinach Dip
The Roasted Garlic and Spinach Dip is a starter that I can strongly recommend.  If you love cheese, this starter can really open up your palate.  The dip is well seasoned and the garlic toast is so enjoyable to eat.
Tiramisu Brownie
Your visit at Country Basket will never be complete without desserts.  One of the dessert items that I tried was the Tiramisu Brownie.  It was a basically a brownie topped with a coffee-flavored layer and then finished off with some good amount of cocoa a la tiramisu.  The brownie was semi-sweet which would be good for the not so sweet tooth like me.  This could be good with some hot coffee or tea.
Kalamansi Muffin
If you love sour or acidic food then you should try the Kalamansi Muffin.  It has such an intense kalamansi flavor that could really stimulate your taste buds.  This muffin could really go well with some of the Dilmah tea available in Country Basket like Earl Grey and Ceylon Green Tea.
Mango Cashew Sans Rival
For the sweet tooth, the Mango Cashew Sans Rival could be a winner.  It is really sweet and rich. The mango and the cashew make such an amazing combination.
Mixed Berries Iced Tea

Mocha Cheese Frappe
Country Basket Pastries and More has also a wide variety of beverages to choose from.  They serve coffee and tea.  Their cold coffee creations could rival the coffee masterpieces of nearby coffee shops. The Mocha Cheese Frappe gives a different twist on the widely popular coffee concoction. Their iced tea is brewed and does not come from ready to make powdered teas.

Price-wise, Country Basket is more expensive than the typical cafe or cake shop but the price difference is well compensated with the focus on high-quality and natural ingredients.  Each creation is a labor of love and you can find many dessert creations here that are not offered in other desert places. If you are planning to treat someone special for lunch and dessert, you should consider Country Basket Pastries and More.

Kahlua Walnut Pie
P.S.  I asked Ms. Ellen Yu, what has her first ever masterpiece.  She said it was her Kahlua Walnut Pie.  I made sure that I ordered one slice for take out (Php 115) so that my wife can taste it.  My wife loved it and has become an instant favorite.

Name of Dessert Place: Country Basket Pastries and More
Branches: L/G SM City Cebu near the SM Rotunda Area besides J.Co Donuts
JY Prestigio, Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City

For orders and other inquiries, you may contact Ms. Ellen Lee at (032) 414-0833.


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