6-12-2015 Food of the Day: Fried Chicken at Max's

Way back when I was a little boy, fried chicken is one of the dishes that I look forward during special occasions. The ideal fried chicken must have crispy skin and succulent meat. In the 80's that were many friend chicken places that became so popular.  The advent of fast-food chains and the general improvement of the buying power of Filipinos somehow caused the decline of the what used to vibrant fried chicken segment. One of the few names that managed to survive is Max's Fried Chicken. The fried chicken restaurant chain has the tagline "Sarap to the bones!".  Indeed, their fried chicken is delicious to the bones.  I can probably finish a whole Max's Fried Chicken on a good day. Max's fried chicken will always be one of my favorites.

Where is your favorite fried chicken restaurant? Do you have an excellent fried chicken recipe that you want to share? Feel free to make a comment or post a link. ;)


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